Updates from Ragusa

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Hi guys! It’s been almost 3 weeks I’ve been on the road! I’ve walkedabout 310 km and I’m now safe and sound in Ragusa. It took me over 300 ks to get the first blisters on my feet so I guess I’m doing quite well. I’ve walked through mountains, national parks, natural reserves, wild countryside and by the sea. Getting really tan by now actually.

However what really struck me is the people I met. Kind, deep, passionate Sicilians so in love with their land that They made me fall in love with her too.

As I’m developing my project without a single euro in my pocket I have to rely on their solidarity and they’ve been feeding so much that I might change my project’s name to “rollaboutitalia”.

Anyway now will chill in Ragusa for a couple of days then Modica, Siracusa and so on on my way to Messina. Take it easy and Keep following your dreams! Ciao belli!

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