To see Napoli and die by Heli Luoma

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My Finnish future fake wife came to see me in Napoli and here is what she rekon of the city I’ve fell in love with!


Napoli has a pulse, a rhythm, a heartbeat; It is a city that is truly alive and real. I’d like to think I felt it; I was there and I was alive too. Like a vulcano, Napoli feels like it’s ready to erupt any minute, but still somehow it holds all the lava inside. Spacca Napoli might be the main artery, an aorta of the city, but the Spanish quarter would be the heart. Unlike so many places I’ve visited before, it didn’t feel like a polished up version made for tourists to see. You can smell and feel the life and energy of the place; Also quite literally, but i’m not going to go on about the rubbish as it didn’t bother me one bit. And yes, the pizzas are amazing, coffees are great, Peronis are cheap and there’s lot to see too, but this isn’t why I fell in love with Napoli. It is the free spirit of the place and especially the people i met.

imageMy first impression of Napolitans was that they are very enterprising people. Within five minutes of arriving to the central station i was surrounded by people selling me socks, lighters, lucky charms, cigarettes and something what appeared to be a little parrot in a cardboard box.. However, as I had a closer look, I totally fell in love with the city and especially its people. They are, just like the buildings of Naples, a little bit rough around the edges but very beautiful on the inside. I was welcomed with open arms, not only by our fantastic host, but also everyone else I came across with. I felt right at home. And the sense of humour, you’ll have to love it. I have never been taken a piss out of in such a heart-felt way. To someone like myself, coming from a country of order, I found the total lack of respect for authority, almost complete absence of traffic lights and the anarchic spirit, very refreshing and new. This is the reason why I love to travel. There should be a little bit of this Napolitan spirit in all of us and I truly hope even just tiny bit of it rubbed off on me too.

However, i’m not quite ready to die just yet, I want to visit Naples again.

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