One month on the road

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I10269434_682936265101610_9147582640205146264_n came to Sicily exactly a month ago, not knowing too much about it, except that the weather would be good enough to walkabout it.

Now I’m high of love for her. Might be that little touch of endorphines you get at the beginning of a relationship. I do mostly see her good sides and She’s loving me back.
I always find food, a confortable bed and manage to visit all the churches and historical sites without touching the wallet i don’t own.

In the last weeks I’ve met a huge variety of people: musicians, photographers, sculpturers, writers, biologists, farmers, journalists and dreamers with a lot to say and to show me.

One night in Ispica I’ve managed to get hosted by Bernd, a german artist, who moved here in the 90’s with a dream. A big garden and a small house. He bought a cave, made it livable and cultivated the fertile land surrounding it, he gets electricity with a solar panel, and his eco toilet gets him free fertilizers. Basically he’s almost completely self-suficent. Obviously he made his dream reality, however I asked him if there was anything else he would like to accomplish, so he said he’d love to see eastern Island but he would never get enough cash to get the ticket, so he’ sculpting big stone masks to bring eastern to his house.

The hodometers has gone up to almost 500 and by now I get a better grasp of the surroundings, getting lost a little less and handling my silly fears a little better (still scared to death of high bridges though). Get offered hundreds lifts
, even the police stops to ask me to get on board, and when I say “no thanks” as I do with all of them, they go on saying that I can trust at least them, so then I explain my project, they look all confused and speed off.

However I haven’t had any bad experience so far, apparently even the mafia is always a step ahead. Everywhere i go I get told that there is no mafia there, but there would be in the next town, and the same would happen in the next town, so from my understanding mafia it’s like a tampoon, it’s there, but you can’t see it.

I became quite multitasking and I can now do a number of things while I walk (same sort of things I could do sitting on a couch pretty much). In fact as I’m writing you now I get a step closer to the glorious peak of the Etna, my next adventure! Take care and as Johnny Walker (or my friend Jean Bernard) would say, Keep walking ;-)

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  1. Kiwi punter

    Hi there globe trotter, what a hard core trip ! take care , Salute !

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