The term “walkabout” refers to a journey that every young aboriginal undertakes during their adolescence in order to mark their passage to adulthood. They leave their community and wonder by themselves in the Australian outback in search of their ancestral roots.

Even though my teen years are long gone, I’ve decided to name my project walkabout as I will finally focus on discovering my own land, abandon myself to the landscape, the marvels and decadence of my culture and eventually find my own roots.

The idea is simple: walk from Palermo to my home town Baveno, with no time restrictions, just relying on the people I meet on the way, as I will carry no money. I will only carry a camera, a diary and a box in which I’ll be collecting people’s dreams.

Imagine a fortune cookie where you’ll find your destiny written in it. Here you’ll be able to write your own and insert it into my box. In a society where even our dreams seem to be monopolized by advertisement and we are even losing control of our deepest fantasies if we are left with any, I want to go on a mission to collect what’s left. I want to undergo a metamorphosis to become a postmodern “clochard” who lives of subtle sensations and everybody’s emotions.

Well this is my initial draft, however as we’re talking about a trip I can only decide where and when, everything else will be on the road…




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