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walked 2910 km, without money, collecting dreams

What’s walkabout? In short It’s my biggest dream. Walk from the very bottom of  Italy to the top, with a diary, a camera, no money and a box in which I will collect your destiny.

The project crosses from performance to installation, is a search of what’s left of our deepest desires in a society that struggles to monopolize everything, even fanstasies. Walkabout is an expedition in search of trust and solidarity, a journey among the external and internal landscape of my country and its people.

The idea came to me a few years ago while reading a book by Valerio Massimo Manfredi , “The lost army”. Inspired by the epic campaigns of entire legions of soldiers across foreign lands by foot I’ve started dreaming about a long walk. After a few years procrastinating, humanly scared of my biggest project so far I’ve finally decided to go ahead with it.

I’ve booked my ticket to Palermo, and will start my walk on spring equinox, 21st of march 2014.

At this stage, I’m in my home town getting everything ready, including myself.

If anyone is interested in helping me and would like to contribute I will need hosts and food along the way! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you realize I’ll walk by you. It’ll be easy to keep track of me as I’ll keep my blog updated as I go along.

A massive thanks to Nakarath travel, Invicta and Sportway Megastore  for helping my project take off and to everyone that still dreams and doesn’t think I’m completely insane for pursuing mine…


Darinka Montico

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